Remote training of warehouse employees using VR/AR

Until now remote training of warehouse personnel such as forklift operators, order pickers or dispatchers arranging loading/unloading/shipment of goods was difficult to accomplish. The main reason was a big discrepancy between the real-life and the simulated training environment. However,  the evolution of Virtual- and Augmented-Reality (VR/AR) in combination with 5G as the enabling technology create a breakthrough in the field of remote training. In the future a combination of AR/VR and 5G will make possible to simulate complex operational warehouse environments in a realistic fashion and/or to combine them with actual data using digital twinning approach.

This project will focus on the elaboration of relevant aspects for AR/VR remote training. A proof of concept will be conducted that exploits advantageous features of 5G for this specific use case.

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Partners: Logistic Workx, TNO

Status: ongoing