Towards automated and integrated warehouse processes

This use case aims to investigate how 5G facilitates automation of the warehouse processes e.g. the loading/unloading, inbound/outbound shipments and stock management. Sensing technologies combined with 5G features such as reliability, high throughput, low latency and edge computing can provision real-time information on warehouse stocks and their position. The collected data can be used by the warehouse management system (WMS) to automate and/or optimize warehouse functionality. Such a data driven process requires integration of a number of steps e.g. determining stock position and count (approximate or exact), warehouse internal transport, update of mutations in the WMS based on the collected data, order handlings, etc.

This project will focus on at least one of the data-driven warehouse processes (e.g. stock level monitoring by means of drones) and validate it by means of a 5G network deployed in the STC living lab warehouse.

For more information please contact Gerwin Zomer (

Partners: STC, TNO

Status: ongoing