RoboValley: driving the development of robotics and AI.

RoboValley drives the development of robotics and AI, by creating an open environment for people-machine collaboration on the TU Delft Campus. Collaboration takes on many forms within RoboValley and includes co-creation with the TU Delft Robotics Institute and with talents and leaders in both the public and private sector. The main gateway to this vibrant robotics community is the RoboHouse fieldlab, where companies, researchers, students and start-ups can discover the possibilities of cognitive robotics, develop their own applications and test them in an industrial setting.

For RoboValley innovators toiling away on collaborative robot systems, the Do IoT Fieldlab is a promising step forward. With its ultra-modern communications infrastructure and plans to build mobile installations too, it may become much easier to connect your robot applications to a super-fast, secure private network wherever you are. “Speed of communication is very useful for robots working in dynamic environments, such as horticulture, retail or flexible manufacturing,” says Jaimy Siebel, managing director of RoboValley. “When robots can talk to each other directly, without mistakes and delay, they become much better at teamwork and interaction with people.”