i!Delft Students for Innovation and Impact is a student organisation who aims to bridge between corporations and ambitious TU Delft students. This bridge will provide businesses with young and innovative ideas, while students gain the practical work experience required to thrive in their future career.

i!Delft Students partners with ambitious companies that aspire to be leading in innovation, and recognise the benefit of collaborating within an ecosystem that is filled with a variety of academics, professionals as well as students. Challenges arise out of the obstacles our partners have been battling repeatedly or the new and exciting opportunities they have discovered. When young, open-minded, bright-eyed and proactive students collaborate in interdisciplinary teams they are the perfect candidates to tackle these challenges from a new/fresh perspective in order to help conceptualise the company’s ideas.

Under the umbrella of the TU Delft Innovation & Impact Centre, we offer strategic collaborations to inspire, experiment, spark entrepreneurship and develop talent. Through our collaboration, our community of highly skilled TU Delft Master students will be able to create and challenge ideas at the Do IoT Fieldlab.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gain a major role in the future outlook in many industries, from medical applications to energy applications, it is of great interest for TU Delft students to get familiarised with the development of these technologies. With the collaboration with the Do IoT Fieldlab students get an opportunity to experience, develop and shape the future of IoT themselves. An invaluable asset for the engineers of the future!

For more information, please visit our website.