What is Do IoT Fieldlab?

Groundbreaking Internet of Things

Our mission

Do IoT Fieldlab initiates and strengthens collaboration between science, business and public authorities to accelerate the development in Internet of Things (IoT). We facilitate TU Delft’s groundbreaking research, collaborate with universities of applied sciences and vocational education, and we support companies in developing and proofing innovative IoT solutions.

Check out our projects, that lead to IoT innovations for a.o. greenhouse horticulture, smart robots, sensor technology and online services.

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Do IoT Fieldlab initieert en versterkt de samenwerking
Ontdek de voordelen van 5G voor uw MKB-bedrijf.

For business owners

As an entrepreneur, you can count on us for all kinds of support to make your product or service ‘5G ready’. Whether you have technical expertise or not,whether you want to experiment at your own or at one of ours, we can guide you towards the best 5G deployments. Furthermore, we have extensive knowledge of funding opportunities.
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Do IoT Fieldlab facilities

Do IoT Fieldlab drives the acceleration of innovations in the field of Internet of Things. Our high-tech facilities and expertise are available to scientists, start-ups, SMEs and large companies. Our operator neutral cutting edge wireless communication technology (including 5G) can be fully customized to your needs. You can therefore develop and test your application in a controlled environment under expert guidance, in close cooperation with TU Delft researchers and our partners TNO and MCS.
Wij bieden high tech faciliteiten en expertise voor wetenschappers, start-ups, MKB en grote bedrijven.

Test sites

Currently, you can experiment at four test sites as well as on site. Our stationary 5G facilities are in Delft (2), Honselersdijk and Katwijk aan Zee. With our mobile 5G test kit, you can experiment at any location in the Netherlands; including alternating locations if you wish.

The Green Village is the TU Delft fieldlab for sustainable innovations. Our 5G test facility offers the opportunity to carry out tests both indoors and outdoors.

RoboHouse is a TU Delft field lab dedicated to novel robot and AI technologies. Our 5G facilities enable you to experiment with connectivity in a horticultural greenhouse.

Tomatoworld is an information and education centre focused on knowledge, innovation and technology in horticulture. Our 5G installation allows you to test and innovate in a fully operational greenhouse.

Unmanned Valley is the hotspot for drones and other sensor technology. This location offers a vast outdoor area and spacious hangar for extensive tests with our 5G installation.

The Do IoT Fieldlab team

Lenneke de Voogd

Programme manager

Fernando Kuipers

Scientific director

Fabian van Prooijen


Olivier Sinck


Nadia Haïfi

Marketing & Communication

Michel van den Burg

Marketing & Communication

Innovation ecosystem

Do IoT Fieldlab is part of the TU Delft Campus, a co-creation community driven by knowledge sharing and societal impact. Do IoT Fieldlab is an initiative of TU Delft and TNO, Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH), the Holland-Rijnland region, the municipalities of Delft and Katwijk and the province of South Holland.

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