The Green Village is a field lab for sustainable innovation. A sustainable future requires innovative ideas and new applicable methods and techniques. The Green Village is a place where people can live, work and learn, exempt of standard rules and regulations. By paying attention to technical, corporate, social and policy-based challenges, The Green Village helps innovative parties accelerate from theory to practice. Researchers, students, startups, entrepreneurs and government bodies work on the innovative challenges of today and tomorrow within the following three themes: sustainable building and renovation, future energy system and climate adaptive city.

We have established a learning community, which forms the connection between research, work, innovation and learning, making it an important factor in the development of the current and future job market. We facilitate master classes, workshops, guided tours and (re)training.

Innovations related to each theme can be tested on the existing state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Green Village features inhabited houses, office buildings, streets and hydrogen-, DC voltage- and heat networks. Everything is designed so that innovations can easily be connected. End users and residents keep you on your toes and make sure that after a test period at The Green Village, you’re truly ready for the next step to implementation and upscaling.

As the role of ICT is becoming increasingly relevant in the energy-, water- and building domain, the interaction between these is more important than ever. We know the technical story works on paper, but how does this translate to practice? The Green Village offers a living lab for sustainable innovation where standard rules and regulations don’t always apply. Where entrepreneurs and researchers can test their innovation, detect and tackle possible bottlenecks, and find their way to a pilot location. By paying attention to the technical, corporate, social and policy-based challenges, we help innovative parties accelerate from theory to practice.

Do IoT Fieldlab 5G test-location

The Green Village

The Green Village
Van den Broekweg 4
2628 CR Delft
The Netherlands