The Green Village is a Fieldlab at TU Delft Campus where knowledge- and educational institutions, entrepreneurs, government bodies and civilians can research, experiment, validate and demonstrate their sustainable innovations. The innovations are designed for the urban environment and applicable on neighbourhood-, street- and building level. We help innovative parties accelerate from theory to practice, exempt from standard rules and regulations. Solving social issues is central to this, so that the urban environment becomes safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

As the role of ICT is becoming increasingly relevant in the energy-, water- and building domain, the interaction between these is more important than ever. The introduction of 5G may offer solutions in these developments – in addition to higher speeds of the mobile data network, 5G also provides the possibility to connect many more devices to a network simultaneously. But how do we manage the future energy system where hydrogen, heat, electricity and storage interact in one system? How can we include climate, weather and energy data to create resilient cities? And how will we include ‘mobile energy storage’ and ‘programmable loads’, the assets of electric mobility in the energy system?

The Green Village is the location where companies, startups, SMEs and public organisations can collaborate in research and testing of innovative solutions in a real-life setting. The Green Village has a local (fibre) network and has teamed up with Do IoT Field Lab to add a 5G wireless infrastructure to its environment. Within the streaming data-platform you can implement experiments and decide to connect your data with existing third-party projects. You will be able to experiment with 5G and connect existing partners projects at The Green Village, on topics such as renovation, smart buildings, smart water solutions, DC-infrastructure, heat grid, gas grid, hydrogen grid, charging infrastructure.

Would you like to test a 5G-related innovation at The Green Village or do you have any questions about the possibilities? Contact Joep van der Weijden  (

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