Holland Rijnland is the joint venture of 13 councils in the region known as  Holland Rijnland. These councils are Alphen aan den Rijn, Hillegom, Kaag en Braassem, Katwijk, Leiden, Leiderdorp, Lisse, Nieuwkoop, Noordwijk, Oegstgeest, Teylingen, Voorschoten en Zoeterwoude. Holland Rijnland is a diverse region with a dynamic,  blossoming economy. The organization Holland Rijnland stimulates  and  facilitates large innovations  with funding,  among other incentives. Furthermore, this joint venture has intimate  knowledge of the regional economy and has an extensive network of local leaders and  policy makers in  the councils.

Holland Rijnland’s co-financing fund gives promising innovations, that have added value for regional development from the beginning. The 5G-network thus offers special opportunities for the innovational capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in de region. This is of considerable value for the important economic industries in Holland Rijnland, like the Greenport and the logistics industry. The investments in the 5G facilities on “Unmanned Valley Valkenburg” in Katwijk are therefore especially interesting. In the coming years, drones and other unmanned logistic applications will be thoroughly investigated here.

For further  information about the cofinancing fund of Holland Rijnland visit https://hollandrijnland.nl/cofinanciering/