New Project!  We welcome Rail Connected, which specialises in a detecting system for locating trains. Detecting the exact train locations is crucial for safe rail transport. With the introduction of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), the use of axle counters is mandatory. This device counts how many axles pass a certain point on a railway. Imagine all the advantages of developing a wireless axle counter. No more digging, shorter interruptions to the train schedules and a tremendous saving in time and costs. This research focuses on developing a wireless axle counter to register the location of a train. A traditional axle counter is installed with cables for power and data.

Testing with Do IoT Fieldlabs 5G technology  allows to further develop a wireless version, and to prepare it for the strict safety certification. The very fast and reliable data transmission and ultra-low power consumption are essential. The potential is huge: 20,000 axle counters will have to be installed in the Netherlands alone.

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