Fast and secure 5G data platform

AccessHub, a Dutch company offering communication and data management services, aims to develop a highly secure platform for future digital applications. The objective is to help companies connect different devices safely and easily to innovative 5G data-driven services and applications.


From September 2022 to February 2023

Partners (TU Delft)

Do IoT Fieldlab

Partners (other)

AccessHubEdgewaySmarDTVAlphaZ TechnologiesMCSTNOSURF

This research focuses on exploring and exploiting the possibilities of 5G in the development of innovative data-driven services and the further development of camera and sensor systems for IoT applications. Data security and privacy protection play a major role in this context. Companies that want to improve their quality and productivity, save costs or develop new digital applications, encounter limitations of the current 4G infrastructure. These include insufficient network capacity, the complexity of modifying existing systems, or security risks.

The goal of this project is to develop EdgeGate: a powerful, secure and cost-efficient platform for various AI (artificial intelligence) applications: Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Blockchain technology. The feasibility study should fully exploit all the advantages of the Do IoT 5G network to significantly improve the accessibility of the entire system, the bandwidth capacity, and applications’ reaction timings.

Ultimately, the new applications will make it easier to develop, connect and manage IoT solutions in the future. The next step after this research, will be to define, develop and validate use cases in several sectors. This is relevant for municipalities, the logistics sector, manufacturing companies and organisations that use camera and sensor networks, among others.

This project is enabled by the Kansen voor West programme (aimed at promoting the competitiveness of the Dutch Western region).