Impeccable coverage for emergency services

Frontier, a Dutch company specialising in connectivity, is investigating the possibilities and benefits of 5G for the Dutch emergency services. Fire brigades, police and ambulances need real-time data to make fast, reliable and accurate decisions in any scenario. This involves the use of increasingly innovative means, such as drones and robots.


July – December 2023

Partners (TU Delft)

Do IoT Fieldlab, TU Delft, RoboHouseThe Green Village

Partners (others)

Frontier,  TNOMCSSURFUnmanned Valley

To act quickly and correctly in any situation, emergency services are dependent on a good, stable and fast connection. Perfect communication is crucial for all units taking action. Currently, emergency services still use the consumer network for video and audio communication, which does not always perform flawlessly.

Frontier is investigating the cause of performance problems in today’s consumer network. This network uses various technologies, such as 3G, 4G and other internet resources, which together should provide a reliable and stable connection. In practice, this does not always prove to be the case, and emergency services are occasionally down for short periods of time for emergency calls.

During this project, Frontier is conducting tests on a full 5G connection: the Do IoT Fieldlab 5G test facility. The aim is to understand why some problems occur, in order to find an improved solution that ensures network reliability and stability.