IoT in the maritime sector

5G for sampling with drones

Liquid bulk cargo sampling is an integral part of bulk liquid cargo transport. Acquisition, quality (condition) analysis and storage of representative samples is a way to prevent and counter unfounded allegations of cargo contamination in case of, e.g., chemical, petroleum products, crude oil or liquid food shipments. Liquid cargo sampling is performed at loading as well as prior to unloading at the destination port (e.g. offshore at the ship anchorage). Currently, the process of liquid sample collection involve surveyors, maritime pilots and require usage of boats and vans.

This use case analyses how drones could simplify and make more efficient (time- and cost-wise) the process of liquid cargo sampling. Here, 5G connectivity would be used for command and control of the drones flying beyond visual line of sight as well as transfer of process data. Availability, reliability and capacity of 5G system is essential for implementation of this use case.

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Partners: TNORotterdam University of Applied SciencesUnmanned Valley