Safety for construction workers

TokenMe is a wireless solution for the construction industry. TokenMe’s technology enables online monitoring of construction work, workers and environmental details. The goal? Improving safety on site and preventing delays in large projects.


October– December 2023

Partners (TU Delft)

Do IoT Fieldlab, TU DelftRoboHouse and The Green Village

Partners (andere)

TokenMe, TNOMCSSURFUnmanned Valley

Tokens and anchors

TokenMe uses transmitters and receivers. The transmitters are the tokens, a small wearable device worn by employees. The receivers are the anchors. These are spaced around the construction site and communicate wirelessly with all tokens within their range. This system monitors where all construction workers are, as well as a range of parameters in the environment. These include temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality, noise, light, movement and vibrations. In addition, hazardous conditions such as fire or gas. The collected data is securely transmitted to the cloud, where all the anchor data is aggregated in an online dashboard; thus presenting an overview of all workers and their accurate positioning within different sectors on the construction site.

5G exploration

TokenMe wants to test the potential of 5G. The connection is expected to perform so well that fewer receiving devices (anchors) would be needed on construction sites. Furthermore, a better signal performance is anticipated in concrete buildings, compared to traditional wireless connections. Moreover, the batteries of the tokens and anchors are expected to last longer. This is an important aspect in terms of sustainability.

To investigate the potential of 5G and determine actual values, TokenMe is using the Do IoT Fieldlab 5G test facility at Unmanned Valley in Katwijk. The research group measures the signal strenth at different locations. These measurements help determine the best locations for the anchors that process the tokens’ data.