RoboHouse: future of work fieldlab for cognitive robotics

The RoboHouse community believes that we need a new research and development practice to answer one of the most current questions in cognitive robotics and society: ‘How do we make work healthy and empowering?’ So it has created an industrial environment on TU Delft Campus where robot developments and the study of social processes can occur simultaneously.

For RoboHouse innovators grappling with the complexities of the modern workplace, the Do IoT Fieldlab is a key part of the puzzle. With its ultra-modern communications infrastructure and mobile installations, it makes it easier to connect your robot applications to a super-fast, secure private network. “Speed of communication is very useful for robots working in dynamic environments, such as horticulture, retail or flexible manufacturing,” says Jaimy Siebel, managing director of RoboHouse. “When robots can talk to each other directly, without mistakes and delay, they become much better at teamwork and interaction with people.”