Following the overwhelming successes of previous editions, MCS organised the Smart Week of IoT now for the fourth year in a row.

A week full of inspiring online sessions around today’s most important IoT topics.
This edition’s topics included (Private) 5G, the phase-out of 2G and 3G, scalability of growing hardware and IoT solutions, and successfully implementing IoT in your business case without having technical knowledge in-house.

Do IoT Fieldlab project manager Fabian van Prooijen was present as one of the keynote speakers at this event.
During his keynote, Fabian spoke about the many possibilities and advantages of 5G. But also about the ‘Do IoT for greenhouse horticulture’ project.
This project aims to accelerate digital innovations for sustainable and efficient food production.
With two test sites at RoboHouse and Tomatoworld, SMEs will have the opportunity to test their digital innovations in a real-life environment.

Listen and watch the full keynote by Fabian and other IoT expert such as Bas Piek (commercial director MCS) and Raymond Valk (Druid Software).

* These keynote presentations are in Dutch.