Sneak preview! This InnovationQuarter videoshoot  with Audus B.V. zooms in on their research to create cloud based audio solutions for hearing impaired making use of Do IoT Fieldlab’s 5G testing facilities

For hearing impaired people the latency should not be higher than 20 milliseconds to synchronise the sound with lip reading and live sound. At present, the speed of data transfer with 4G connections is not sufficient for live speech in a person-to-person setting with a latency of 36 to 48 milliseconds. The usage of 5G in combination with a new network infrastructure has the potential to substantially reduce the latency to 1 millisecond. Solving the latency issue will dramatically improve the use in live speech in their future hearing aid solution.

This is the first in a series of videos that are meant to inspire entrepreneurs, scientists and governments who want to collaborate with us in developing future technologies.

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