The roll-out of 5G mobile connections is getting closer and closer. In this (online) event from TomatoWorld, experts will discuss the impact this will have on companies in horticulture. Consider data-driven cultivation, picking robots, smart track & trace systems and autonomous drones.

Accelerating 5G innovation

The trade press for horticulture is promising many new applications. Think of the large-scale roll-out of sensors in greenhouses, with which, for example, the harvest time and yield can be predicted much better, quality control during transport is possible, or autonomous or flexible robots and drones can work in the greenhouse. The roll-out of 5G, the 5th generation of mobile networks, will make it even easier to implement these applications.

The possibilities are enormous, but which applications really add value? What impact do they have on the systems, processes and chains in horticulture? There is still much territory to explore together. That is why we are now working on 5G innovation environments, such as TomatoWorld. With this event we want to inform and inspire you about this, and we will tell you about the support that you can receive to use this technology in your company.


During this interactive session on Tuesday July 6, 10:00-11:00, experts from horticulture and experts on digitalisation will discuss the specific possibilities, but also the challenges entailed with the arrival of 5G. From data-driven cultivation to picking robots: what is the real added value? What adjustments and investments will you have to deal with? And when is it actually available?

With Ab van Marrewijk (Innovative Grower, TomatoWorld), Peter Hendriks (CEO, Hoogendoorn Growth Management), Colinda de Beer (Sr. Business Developer Horticulture, InnovationQuarter) and Lenneke de Voogd (Programme Manager Do IoT Fieldlab, TU Delft).

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