The RoboHouse team and its network of experts and industry partners believe that we need a new research and development practice to answer one of the most current questions in cognitive robotics and society: ‘How can we learn to create the world’s most vibrant and attractive workplaces?’



Partners (TU Delft)

RoboHouse,  SAS, Do IoT Fieldlab

Speed of communication is crucial for such a workplace, especially for robots and people collaborating in dynamic environments like horticulture, retail or manufacturing. When robots can talk to each other directly, without mistakes and delay, they become much better at teamwork and interaction with people.

The problem is; robotic applications regularly run into performance ceilings when connections between robot controllers are too slow, or when large amounts of sensor data are processed via a fragile mobile network. 5G-enabled IoT can offer solutions, but how do you begin to capture this opportunity at scale? How do you move from inspiring conversation towards pragmatic action?

As a future of work fieldlab, RoboHouse offers an industrial context designed to encourage practical collaboration, where innovative organisations, SMEs and talented individuals can develop and test their own robotics applications. RoboHouse has teamed with Do IoT Fieldlab to add a super-fast wireless infrastructure to this environment.

To provide easy and accessible 5G for testing, Do IoT Fieldlab’s mobile installation will be used; essentially a flight case with a 5G antenna and interface for connecting your robots applications to a super-fast, secure private network wherever you are.

You will be able to play with 5G and connect with our business partners, such as world leader in advanced analytics SAS, and our talents and startup community to find a configuration that works.  The RoboHouse community is looking forward to make your working life easier and more rewarding.

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