Making complex technology simple. That is our mission. In this way, everyone can make use of innovative IoT-solutions carefree. And we make people’s daily work and life easier, safer and more sustainable.

Since the establishment of MCS in 1997, we have specialized in Managed IoT devices and secure and reliable communication solutions with great flexibility. We provide several customized private networks, such as Private GSM (2G), Private LTE (4G & 5G) and Private LoRaWAN. The necessary hardware and software components for these networks are also provided by us. We work together with carefully selected partners and support them in setting up and delivering successful Managed IoT solutions and Private Networks.

We feel that it is important to be leading in the development of the latest technologies, such as 5G. In this way, our customers can make use of the latest technologies and create futureproof and sustainable IoT solutions. And we can continue to advise them in delivering these successful IoT solutions and private networks.

5G will play a major role in our society and will provide many new opportunities for organizations. It is the future, also within our work field of private IoT networks. That is why it is great that we have the opportunity to test this technology extensively and create a test environment for our partners to enable SME innovation on 5G. In this way we can contribute to speed up innovation with regard to IoT and 5G. We are proud to be part of this bundling of knowledge, experience, innovation and energy that is guaranteed to lead to great results.