The Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) includes 23 municipalities. Nearly 2.4 million people live here, there are 1.3 million jobs and 13.5% of the Dutch population work here. Together, they generate 15% of the GNP. All the towns and villages have their own identity. However, the aim of the partnership is to strengthen the region’s economic position.

The 23 municipalities in the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague are working together to renew the economy and improve accessibility. The arrival of new residents requires more homes and workplaces. But further growth can only be achieved if urbanisation, public transport and cycle paths are properly coordinated. In this way, we are working on the spatial-economic reinforcement of the metropolitan region.

Good digital accessibility is important for economic innovation and growth. Fast Internet is required for autonomous vehicles, drones, robots and applications in health care and industry. The metropolitan region already does well in this. To further improve this good position, businesses and municipalities are combining their knowledge. With Living Lab Scheveningen and the Do IoT Fieldlab South Holland in Delft, they have created testing labs for 5G in the region. The presence of fast digital networks makes it more interesting for businesses to settle here.