In SURF, the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research, institutions work together on ICT facilities and innovation in order to make full use of the opportunities offered by digitisation. The members of the cooperative SURF, the  universities, universities of applied sciences, senior secondary vocational institutions (MBO), UMCs and research institutions work together to purchase and develop the best possible digital services and to stimulate knowledge sharing by continuing to innovate.

Currently one of the focus areas is smart campus of the university of Delft. In the smart campus pilot, we are investigating how we can have buildings create the desired situation for education and research, based on data automatically collected via sensors. For this we will support and develop a state-of-the-art, secure – and future-proof wireless IoT network and a data infrastructure connecting persons, devices, and research equipment. For example for 5G we will examine which IoT applications can be best used for indoor communication.

Starting point is the current data processing and management platform at the Green Village. The Green Village Data Platform is an open-source platform for storing, monitoring, visualising and sharing sensor data from The Green Village. The platform aggregates real-time data streams of the different projects and makes them available to many users and applications in a controlled and secure collaborative environment. New projects can be onboarded quickly and with a minimal amount of work, providing project-based access to and sharing of new data. The platform is developed by SURF with open-source libraries and tools, and deployed as a fault-tolerant, highly-available service on a Kubernetes cluster running on SURF premises.

In the near future a link will be provided to advanced compute facilities of SURF: High Performance Computing, Supercomputing, Cloud and Edge Computing, A.I. and Machine Learning.

SURF aims to develop a future-proof digital environment that allows the collection, sharing and use of data to create a smarter campus to support research, education and public-private initiatives (valorization). For this project we will experiment with different wireless techniques like LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and try out  digital applications like mobile edge computing.

The current Green Village data platform will be scaled up and will give the 5G IoT projects access to data, applications and services and computing facilities of SURF, including public cloud services.