Our 5G installation offers the opportunity to carry out precise measurements and compare them with metrology level golden standard. During a comparison measurement campaign, Haagse Hogeschool, Universiteit Gent, Agentschap Telecom and RIVM carried out multiple over the air tests on the 5G installation of the DoIoT fieldlab: each institute employing their unique knowledge and test equipment.

TU Delft Dr. Marco Spirito, specialised in high-frequency and mm-wave measurement techniques: “These measurements are essential to better understand and develop connectivity in smart cities. With the upcoming 5G mm-wave there is still a lot to discover and understand. We are looking forward to better understand the possibilities, limitations and the impact of the upcoming 5G networks. Our research agenda is to develop, cheap and accurate sensors nodes to be easily deployed in smart cities.  The research in upcoming 5G systems has major societal relevance. After we will develop our custom hardware, we will move out from the lab and test in realistic environments like the one offered by the DoIoT field lab. These developments will be key to validate sensor node capable of being operated in crowded connected urban environments”.

Dr. Spirito will be conducting a European project at TU Delft, making use of the DoIoT fieldlab facilities.