New Project! Smart robots in the greenhouse: 5G offers major opportunities for experiments in horticulture. The next two years, we will be leading the project “Do IoT for greenhouse horticulture”.

Together with our partners Robohouse, Tomatoworld, TNO and MCS, we are devoted to accelerate innovations for smart systems with sensors, robots and drones.  SMEs can test their digital innovations in a practical environment at the fieldlabs Robohouse and Tomatoworld. The horticultural sector faces major challenges such as labour shortages, rising prices for energy and raw materials, increasing sustainability requirements and intensified international competition. Our experiments focus on sustainable and efficient food production with respect for people and the environment.

Rapid technological innovations are crucial for the leading position of Dutch greenhouse horticulture. Therefore, local and regional parties support the development of 5G applications in greenhouse horticulture. This project is co-funded by MRDH and the Province of Zuid-Holland and supported by the Westland Municipality, Greenport West Holland, Innovation Quarter and TU Delft Agtech Institute.

The project was officially launched at Tomatoworld by Pieter Varekamp, alderman of the municipality of Westland, Maaike Zwart, alderman of the municipality of Delft and also region administrator within the Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag, and Meindert Stolk, deputy of the province of Zuid-Holland.

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