Last week was the opening of our new 5G test facility at RoboHouse in the AgriFood Greenhouse. A first was immediately experienced during this sunny event: a robotic arm, connected to the new private 5G network, cutting the red ribbon. The robotic arm was in the greenhouse but controlled from the expo area inside RoboHouse. This illustrated perfectly what 5G is capable of. On a large screen, visitors could see how the robot arm reacted in real time to the hand movements of VIP Ton Jonker, who had the honour of cutting the ribbon.

After the opening, Chris Pek, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Robotics at TU Delft, gave a keynote presentation on the possibilities of 5G for the agricultural sector. The event also featured several 5G demos, including one from PATS and Plense Technologies at in the AgriFood Greenhouse. The programme concluded with networking drinks and the opportunity to experience the difference between 4G and 5G using VR and AR.

Our thanks go to all involved for contributing to the event, the demonstrations and the great atmosphere. Below is a photo impression of the event.